Welcome to our ongoing conversation about the issues, opportunities, options and challenges of maintaining financially healthy hospitals. We’ll both be contributing comments in this space, and hope you’ll lend your voice to the conversation, too.


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Taking the Right Measure of Hospital Labor Management

To effectively manage labor expenses, hospitals need to clearly understand the components that make up all of their labor costs:

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How Hospitals Manage to Fail

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The Role of the Local Hospital in Health Insurance Selection

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CMMI- Help or Hindrance to Chronic Illness Management?

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Is This the Future of Clinical Diagnostics?

In the late 1990s, a new word was added our lexicon– cyberchondriac. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a person who compulsively ...  Read More

Can Hospitals Bridge the Generation Gap?

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Don't Let Your Hospital Be One of Health Care's Dirty Secrets

Just over a year ago, Kaiser Health Network (KHN) reported on a widespread health care issue that is, all too often, swept under ...  Read More

"Optimized" Doctor's Visits Are Killing Patient Satisfaction

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Is There a Quick Fix for Improving Patient Satisfaction?

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Hospitals Are Improving Patient Satisfaction in an Unlikely Way

Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introduced the HCAHPS survey in October 2006, the word ‘quality’ has taken on greater ...  Read More