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New Mental Health Legislation Could Impact Your Operating Budget

It took 12 years for Congress to pass the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA). ...  Read More

Medicare Reform Is Changing How Hospitals Treat Elderly Patients

Senior care is evolving, especially as Medicare seeks to reduce costs. What does that mean for your hospital operating budget? Plenty.

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What the Final Word on ACA Insurance Means for Your Budget

On Friday, November 13, the three federal departments that oversee group health plans and health insurance providers—the ...  Read More

Are Current Cost Reduction Strategies Working?

Is the retail-ization of healthcare yielding cost accounting results? The short answer: it's arguable, but ...  Read More

Should Hospitals Budget for Innovation Partnerships?

What do hospitals and Silicon Valley have in common? As it turns out, an interest in venture capitalism. ...  Read More

Working with Legacy IT? Eke a Little More out of Your System.

IT adoption sometimes feels like a never-ending merry-go-round: Just when you’re accustomed to the “new” technology, an ...  Read More

Can Payment Reform Be Achieved without a High Price Tag?

How can we achieve meaningful healthcare payment reform without spending large amounts of money to accomplish it? Is such ...  Read More

Hospital Finance Must Align with IT Goals

As American healthcare moves toward a consumer-driven business model, it is becoming increasingly important for providers ...  Read More

Hospital Budgeting Can't Be Just About The Numbers Anymore

Ever since the words ‘going viral’ took on a meaning that has nothing to do with the common cold, organizations ranging from retailers and ...  Read More

The Feds Aim to Speed Healthcare Payment Reform. Will It Work?

For hospitals already negotiating the hospital budgeting challenges arising from a slow shift from traditional fee-for-service payment ...  Read More

ONC’s Uncertain Future: Who Should Helm HIT in the US?

A few weeks ago, the CMS and ONC released the hotly anticipated Stage 3 meaningful use criteria. The announcement was significant for two ...  Read More

Here’s Why Hospital CFOs Need Market Research for Budget Planning

As the American healthcare system moves more and more toward a service-driven model, we need to take a hard look at who are our ...  Read More

Volume Control: A Key Element of Hospital Financial Planning

As I mentioned in previous blogs, volumes are a key component of flexible budgeting and essential for the measurement of productivity. ...  Read More

Congress Is Determined to Fix Medicare, and That’s Actually Good News

The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula, used to set Medicare physician payment rates, did not generate immediate backlash when it was ...  Read More

Once Again the Federal Government Upsets Hospital Budgets and Planning

Feeling lost? Confused? Angry? You wouldn't be the only healthcare executive feeling so these days. With all the back-and-forth on ...  Read More