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Hospital Data Had Both Good and Bad News in September

Hospital Data Stored Offsite May Violate HIPAA

Your Healthcare Data Solutions May Be Creating New Problems

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Crack Down on Immigration May Directly Affect Your Hospital Data

CMMI- Help or Hindrance to Chronic Illness Management?

Does the Data Support Viability of Healthcare Assistance Programs?

Key Characteristics of a Successful Health Initiative

Major Insurance Provider to Play Larger Role in Exchanges

Most Health Data Management Efforts Won’t Produce Actionable Insights

Successful Cost Reduction Strategies

Most Wired List Shows EHR Meaningful Use in Action

Health Systems Will Start to See Influx of VA Patients

Poor Health Data Management Linked to Deaths by Medical Mistakes

6 Ways Health Care Data Can Reduce the Cost of Care

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A Lawsuit or HIPAA Violation Could Be Just a Human Error Away

Health IT Can Be Your Downfall or Savior

Why Your Current Healthcare Data Solutions Can Be a Waste of Time

The Cautionary Tale in Oregon's IT Struggles

Your Patient Data Systems May Not Be as Secure as You Think

You'll Need Care Coordinators as Numbers of Insured Americans Rise

The Hospital Exec's Guide to Surviving the CMS EHR Limbo

Poor Cost Accounting Utilization May Contribute to Low Health Scores

Federal Mandates Hamper Meaningful Use of Healthcare Tech

Hospitals See Obstacles to Expanding Telemedicine

Is This the Future of Clinical Diagnostics?

US Experiments with Terrifying and Life-saving Use of Health Data

Is the Primary Care Panic Over?

Bundled Payments May Be the Payer Solution We Need

Can Hospitals Bridge the Generation Gap?

Is Good Healthcare Technology Leading to Bad Results?

What’s Your MERS Skill Level?

Hospitals Gear Up to Face More Errors

Your Struggle to Adhere to ACA Mandates Hasn't Been for Naught

Hospital Cost Accounting without Human Insight is Less than Useless

Are Wide-Reaching Patient Analytics Programs Feasible?

The Future of Decision Support Lies Outside the Walls of Your Hospital

Don't Let Your Hospital Be One of Health Care's Dirty Secrets

UnitedHealth Report Shows the Need for Better Patient Analytics

EHRS, ACA Compliance: Do They Really Improve Health Outcomes?

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"Optimized" Doctor's Visits Are Killing Patient Satisfaction

Hospital Execs Need to Take Action as States Waffle on Exchanges

Are We Speaking the Same Language When it Comes to Patient Analytics?

Is Your Patient Data Compromised?

Cyber Threats Loom Large Over Health Care Finance

New Health Care Finance Incentives Are More Burden than Boon

Health Care Finance Sees Grass Roots Movement for Single-Payer System

More Delays for the Great Clinical Decision Support Shakeup

Has Reform Changed Clinical Decision Support for the Better?

Need for Better Clinical Decision Support Drives New Industry Partnerships

1 Key Point of Health Care Data You Aren’t Giving Enough Consideration

Health Care Data Reveals Market Trends of 2014

New Health Care Data Finds Cause for Hope in Reforms

Is There a Quick Fix for Improving Patient Satisfaction?

Hospitals Are Improving Patient Satisfaction in an Unlikely Way

Green Thinking Offers New Options for Hospital Finance

Physician Turnover a Symptom of Health Care Reform

Patient Analytics Are Only As Good As The Cost Data That Feeds It

The Demand for More Outpatient Care Can Help or Hurt Hospital Finance

Are Itemized Price Lists the Next Trend in Healthcare?

7 Myths about Patient Analytics

Health Care Cost Accounting Creates Room for Internal Improvement

Win in a Commoditized Healthcare Industry with Cost Accounting Software

Patient Analytics a Necessary Investment for Hospital Executives

4 Things Your Competitors’ Struggles Can Teach You about Health Care Reform

Effective Cost Accounting Is a Must for Health Systems in Transition

Hospital Cost Accounting Provides Directional Insight

Technology and Cost Cutting Top Hospital Finance Trends in 2014

Is the Drive for Profits in Hospital Finance Hurting Your Brand Equity?

Overburdened Hospital Finance Finds an Unlikely Partner

Hospital Billing and the Single-Payer Model

Is a Single-Payer Care System the Next Great Reform?

Can Your Hospital Afford Increased Utilization?

New Payer Models and the Hospital Billing System

Could Healthcare Reform Be a Good Thing for Hospital Finance?

New Medicare Cuts Could Cripple Hospitals Without Cost Accounting

What are Readmissions Really Costing Health Care Organizations?

Consumers Lash Out Against Exorbitant Hospital Billing

Building a Cost Accounting System Doesn't Need to Be a Chore

Cost Accounting Software Helps Relieve the Pressure of ACA Reforms

Healthcare Cost Accounting Transparency

Evaluating Best Practices – Cost Accounting for Health Systems

Using Cost Accounting Data to Effect Change

The Foundation of a Cost Accounting System

Welcome Hospital Cost Accounting Enthusiasts